Friday, August 4, 2017

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Let's Be the Church!

Jake Blumgart of the Slate wrote,

"Today, segregation in America looks different than it did a generation ago. Neighborhood level diversity is increasingly common an d, correspondingly, that all-white neighborhoods aren't as prevalent. However, even in diverse neighborhoods, divisions of race and class still exert their power. Most social institutions, churches, recreation centers, restaurants, barber shops and hair shops, schools, and civic associations remain segregated."

The handwriting has been on the wall for a long time....America is majority minority. Where is the Church on this issue? How is she modeling inclusivity?  

It is amazing our churches are adorned with beautiful stained-glass windows that illumine a plethora of vibrant brilliant colors testifying to the glory and beauty of God and creation yet, the people in the pews remain a single hue. Each week, people of color and white people remain separate from one another.

My beloved Church, when  will we be intentional and committed to build new faith communities that are inclusive? Other institutions and organizations in our daily lives have already made this leap of faith.  Is it not freeing to realize the potential for creating multicultural and multiracial spaces in which gifts are willingly shared and received, in which trust can replace fear and hostility, where we can work together to build a more just society?  This is church! Let's be the Church! God calls all people of every nation to this work because it is the will of God. 
I know this will not happen through words that express our good intentions but rather through action and taking risks in which I'm all for. I'm in!  What about you?