Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What Being a Wealthy Person Truly Means

It amazes me how obsessed we can become when it comes to money and wealth. Everyone wants to be rich!  What a student will  major in college depends on the amount of money to be made in that particular field.  Someone said, "What we focus on we become." We sacrifice, love, strong family relationships  even our souls for the almighty dollar.
Being wealthy is not a monetary thing, but a soul thing. It means living in harmony with one's self; doing and saying the same thing over and over again in order to live a life of trust and integrity. It means having confidence and courage to do what needs to be done without fear and  having friends who are with you through thick and thin. These friends are not afraid to tell you the truth because their desire is for you to be your best self.

A truly wealthy person loves the work they do so much, they will do it for free  because money becomes less important when one's soul is nourished by authentic relationships, love and integrity. 

Don't get me wrong, money is great to have when kept in proper perspective; doing justly, living humbly and giving generously. For, unto whomsoever much is given, much will be required. Wouldn't life be less stressful and more fulfilling if we gave up our obsession with money? Just thought I'd ask.